Because, it matters. Every day we adopt new ways of doing familiar things because they are better, safer, easier or simply worthwhile. For all of these reasons, it matters that our world find alternatives to unnecessary chemicals and better ways of protecting our health through environmental cleanliness.




The promise of engineered water solutions…

  • capitalize on the desire of today’s consumer for corporate responsibility & green sustainability
  • rid your facility of harsh, expensive, potentially toxic chemicals
  • address the legal and moral obligation to create sanitary environments without jeopardizing the health and well-being of employees or customers
  • protect your customers, patients and employees by performing more thorough germ control
  • eliminate the negative health impact of chemicals on your employees
  • improve indoor air quality – no fumes or VOCs with ewater
  • prevent skin rashes and burns – no safety risks with ewater
  • eliminate the documented impact of chemicals on ground, water and air
  • leverage the value of telling your customers you’ve “greened” your facility
  • recognize that acceptance by the EPA, FDA and other federal agencies ensures that the era of ewater solutions has come


 The strength of eWater Advantage…

  • comprehensive solutions to remove chemicals, train your staff, tell your customers
  • technology from world-class manufacturing — ISO 9001 & ISO 14001
  • equipment of tested and proven reliability — over 50,000 installations
  • the value of immediate ROI due to pricing model
  • tailored solutions based on your facility needs
  • specific protocols & tools to get the most out of the ewater
  • training materials & media to get your staff on board fast
  • marketing strategies to capitalize on the positive message with your customers
  • all-inclusive maintenance for worry-free adoption
  • ability to deploy installations across North America


About Us

The broader mission of eWater Advantage™ is reflected in our core purpose of being a positive impact on our world by advancing new technology and new ideas that help to reduce our reliance on harsh chemicals. We recognize that chemicals have played a vital role in our world, and that current products have served an important purpose, but we see a new day.

We see a new opportunity to reduce waste from transport and packaging, eliminate the many known hazards of certain chemicals on people and the environment, and to more effectively address the rising concerns over germ control. We see child care centers, restaurants, elder care & health care facilities, and ultimately all businesses, moving to more sustainable solutions. We are joined in spirit with other companies who equally seek to find better ways to do common tasks for the sake of a healthier world.

The services of eWater Advantage™ represent not just cleaning products, but strategies for growth and lasting customer relationships. The message of “a better way” is important to consumers – your customers perhaps – and our solutions are focused on helping you tell that story.

As we pursue healthier businesses and healthier cites  here at home, eWater Advantage™ has also made a commitment to help those less fortunate. Our world is full of people who are desperate for clean water and better hygiene and it is our pledge to be part of the solution.

Our Core Purpose

To positively impact lives through better technology and better ideas.

To accomplish our purpose we will:

E… pursue EXCELLENCE in all that we do
“We are what we repeatedly do.  Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” —  Aristotle

W … WORK to create meaningful value for our customers and partners
“Plans are only good intentions unless they immediately degenerate into hard work.” — Peter Drucker

A… be ATTENTIVE and responsive to customer needs
“We will receive not what we idly wish for but what we justly earn. Our rewards will always be in exact proportion to our service.”  — Earl Nightengale

T… be TRUSTWORTHY in our words and actions
“I believe fundamental honesty is the keystone of business.” — Harvey S. Firestone

E… deliver EFFECTIVE solutions for the long-term
“Start with the end in mind.”  — Stephen Covey

R… RESPOND to the needs of the poor
“We are not cisterns made for hoarding, we are channels made for sharing.” — Billy Graham


Meet Our Team

Our leadership team:


Joe has spent the last 27 years as an entrepreneur following 5 years of service in the Medical Corp of the United States Air Force.  Withjoe-farrell-head-shot-2 expertise in tech-enabled business start-ups, consulting, operations, project management, and international business development, Joe has a proven track record of success. As the co-founder and CEO of Winston Joseph, LLC, Joe guided the company to a portfolio of global Fortune 500 retailers and banks that resulted in work in over 80 countries, with more than 500 corporate accounts, servicing in excess of 300,000 locations. Joe has served as Managing Director for two international start up companies in partnership with its publicly traded partners, and as president for three additional tech-enabled service companies. Joe is co-founder and Chairman of Impact of Hope International, a US-based 501C-3 non-profit that focuses on the basic issues facing the poor in Africa and ASIA.

MARK STEDELBAUER – VP Sales & Marketing

Mark has enjoyed a varied career in sales & marketing including automotive, real estate, publishing, training & development, non-profitMark Stedelbauer organizations and Internet start-ups. His most effective role has been in helping organizations understand the applications of the Internet and current technologies. Mark became interested in engineered water technologies in 2009 and was a co-founder of the entities that became eWater Advantage. Since then he has developed considerable knowledge around the impact of conventional chemicals and the appropriate applications of engineered water. While these technologies cannot replace all cleaning and antimicrobial chemicals, they deserve a central role in maintenance strategies. Mark is a graduate of Wheaton College in Illinois.

PAULO MOREIRA – Customer Service Manager

After serving the United States as a US Marine and completing one tour in Afghanistan, Paulo pursued a degree in Ministry & Leadership frompaulo-moreira Vanguard University, building on his natural passion for serving and helping others. That attitude has led Paulo into customer service work for the last several years and in mid-2016 Paulo joined eWater as the Customer Service Manager.  Paulo oversees many day-to-day needs for eWater, but most importantly, the satisfaction of our customers.  He communicates with customers daily to help ensure the right applications and lasting success with the eWater system. When he is not working he enjoys reading, exercising and playing guitar. Paulo is a truly genuine person who sincerely cares about our customers.

BEKA DOMINGUEZ – Business Development

Beka joined eWater in the Fall of 2016 as Business Development manager.  Beka has spent her life, and much of her career, observing, beka-dominguezexploring, researching and analyzing human behavior. Her knowledge and experience in building customer success departments, sales, employee development, and designing & implementing business replication strategies has proven effective in both non-profit and for-profit organizations. This foundation gives Beka great empathy for customers who are exploring new and unfamiliar technologies like eWater, and ensures that the emphasis is on education, support, and matching solutions to customer needs.  She holds a Bachelor’s degree from Pennsylvania State University and a Master’s degree from Liberty University.




The eWater Advantage Board of Directors:

  1. Catherine Miller
  2. Bud Doughton
  3. Neal Hunt
  4. Cliff Benson III
  5. Don Blake
  6. Joe Farrell
  7. Scott Frayser
  8. Ron Oetjen
  9. Mark Stedelbauer

Giving Back

Helping those less fortunate.

We at eWater Advantage™ have, as one of our core values, using our business as a platform for helping those less fortunate.

Around the world billions of people live without access to the kind of pure, safe water that we in North America take for granted. Millions die annually for the lack of this essential resource and millions more live with the suffering that water-borne diseases bring.

But you already knew that. We are all well aware that the developing world needs clean water! eWater Advantage™ chooses to be part of the solution and we invite our customers to join our efforts with project waterLIFE.

project waterlife - india

eWater Advantage’s project waterLIFE is currently providing funding the help meet critical needs in Jaipor Rajasthan, India. Working with Impact of Hope hundreds of people are being supported with clean drinking water, hygiene kits and nourishing rice.
The work of Impact of Hope, under the guidance of Pastor Rakesh Joseph, has been going on for many years, making a difference in the lives of thousands and eWater Advantage is honored to be part of the ongoing effort.

Project Stats:

Total families reached: 246
Total individuals reached: 1,000
Background of people reached: Families, Widows, Orphans, Handicapped, Elderly

Items distributed: Rice – bags 25 Kgs. each
Flour –10 Kgs. each
Water – 20 liters each
Hygiene Kits – 2 tooth brush, tooth paste, 2 combs, tongue cleaner, bathing soap, Detergent soap, Shampoo, Nail cutter, Hand towel

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