About Us

Posted on: November 27th, 2013 by mark bauer No Comments

The broader mission of eWater Advantage™ is reflected in our core purpose of being a positive impact on our world by advancing new technology and new ideas that help to reduce our reliance on harsh chemicals. We recognize that chemicals have played a vital role in our world, and that current products have served an important purpose, but we see a new day.

We see a new opportunity to reduce waste from transport and packaging, eliminate the many known hazards of certain chemicals on people and the environment, and to more effectively address the rising concerns over germ control. We see child care centers, restaurants, elder care & health care facilities, and ultimately all businesses, moving to more sustainable solutions. We are joined in spirit with other companies who equally seek to find better ways to do common tasks for the sake of a healthier world.

The services of eWater Advantage™ represent not just cleaning products, but strategies for growth and lasting customer relationships. The message of “a better way” is important to consumers – your customers perhaps – and our solutions are focused on helping you tell that story.

As we pursue healthier businesses and healthier cites  here at home, eWater Advantage™ has also made a commitment to help those less fortunate. Our world is full of people who are desperate for clean water and better hygiene and it is our pledge to be part of the solution.