aqueous ozone on gym floors

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Aqueous ozone on gym floors? Yes! It really works.

aqueous ozone on gym floorsVisiting with our friends at Enloe High School yesterday.  After several months of proving the value of the aqueous ozone throughout the school it was time to test in on the gym floor. Understandably the athletic folks at the school wanted to ensure that the ewater wouldn’t hurt the finish, but they said, “ok, test it” after seeing how well it worked on other surfaces.


enloe dirty water after gym floorSo KC, the head custodian, loaded up fresh aqueous ozone into the auto-scrubber and tested a small section. The dirty water that came out (after just a five-minute test) was proof that the “clean” floor really needed the gentle power of the aqueous ozone ewater!


Cleaning the gym floor at Enloe High School with ewaterConclusion? The coaches tested the improved traction, noted the visible improvement and said, “when can you do the entire floor?” Success, KC… way to go! That’s what happens when you put aqueous ozone on gym floors!

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