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Welcoming Park and Market Apartments

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eWater is pleased to welcome Park and Market Apartments of Raleigh, NC, to the world of cleaning with aqueous Park and Market cleans with ewater!ozone ewater!  Ashley Hawkins, Community Manager of the complex, providing the following comments on working with the ewater.

What caused you to want to start working with aqueous ozone solutions from eWater Advantage?

“The main reason was to find cost savings in our cleaning expense. But also, out of curiosity that the product would actually work.”

What was your first reaction to the idea that your own tap water could be turned into a cleaner without chemicals?

“I would certainly say that we were skeptical. We had no idea how it could work, and even after watching the videos, were still a little unsure. But after testing    the product, our opinions   became very positive.”

What have you found to be the most surprising capability or benefit of the ewater?

“Aside from the cost savings, I’d say not having to worry about how the chemicals will affect our team and residents is fantastic.”

When did you first realize that ewater really works?

“I’d say the first time we used it to clean our guest suite. We got to see it work on so many different surfaces and in different areas.”

What are the various ways you’ve been using ewater?

“Hallway carpets, bathrooms, gym equipment, counters, desks and all other areas of our leasing office and common areas.”

What has been the reaction from your staff in no longer having to use potentially harmful chemicals?

 “It’s certainly been a positive reaction … they love how much better it is on their hands and skin.”

Has the eWater Advantage team been responsive to your needs?

“The team has been wonderful! I love that they consistently check in and like to speak with our housekeepers since they are the ones using the product the most.”

If you could say something to another business considering using aqueous ozone water what would you tell them?

“Your skepticism is understandable, but you’ll quickly change your mind!”

Thanks, Ashley! We look forward to working with you!


The recognition of aqueous ozone ewater

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ozone ewater replaces conventional cleaning chemicals

Recognition of the value of aqueous ozone ewater is steadily increasing. Starting decades ago with the treatment of drinking water and swimming pools, the use of ozone ewater spread to food processing facilities, and nowadays it is finding its place in the world of general custodial care.

Universities, business campuses, restaurants, high schools, entertainment sites and more are all turning to ewater as way to clean without chemicals. But it’s not just for the sake of eliminating chemicals. It’s also because of the anti-microbial value of ozone to help control unwanted germs and microorganisms. Faced with the prospect of having to use far too much chemical-based disinfectant, many of which present health risks of their own, conscientious facilities managers are incorporating ozone ewater to minimize the requirement of harsh disinfectants.

Consider this recent story from that highlights the need for microbial control and the promise of aqueous ozone ewater for prisons. Here’s an excerpt:

For many correctional administrators, the way to address infections that are spread via contaminated surfaces is to step up the use of EPA-registered disinfectants. “EPA-registered” means the disinfectant has been tested and approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. However, this alone will not address the problem. Read more… 

The opportunity of ozone ewater is that, when used according to directions, cleaning can be undertaken with a persistent sanitizing effect – and done so without any risk to people or property. When ozone ewater is used sanitizing is extended to surfaces that are not normally disinfected. This reduces the need for chemical disinfectants and can, at minimum, limit their use to areas like bathroom fixtures.

After all, why trade one problem – harmful microorganisms – for a different problem – the overuse of chemicals linked to many types of health risks? Ozone ewater presents an opportunity to do more with less.

All-stars enjoy the benefits of aqueous ozone ewater

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The 2016 MLB All-star game was played at the popular, Petco Park, in San Diego, California, to the enjoyment of millions.

While players and fans alike saw a great game in a beautiful setting, what they didn’t see is one thing that makes Petco Park a special place — that aqueous ozone (what we call ozone ewater) is used to keep the entire facility clean and sanitary. What’s special about ozone ewater? It cleans without chemicals, eliminating the potential hazards and lingering impacts of chemical-based cleaners. Better for the athletes, the fans and the dedicated staff at Petco Park… and better for the environment. Watch the video to learn how the ozone ewater is used at the venue…


Introduction to Aqueous Ozone

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An introduction to the function and value of aqueous ozone. Without a doubt, these engineered water technologies are the future of cleaning.

Aqueous ozone (or as we call it, ozone ewater) is a versatile cleaning product that cleans, deodorizes and sanitizes – all at the same time. The product is effective due to the presence of ozone in the water – and nothing else. That is, no chemicals, which means no residue, no risk to personnel, no harm to the environment. Nothing is “greener” than aqueous ozone!

introduction to aqueous ozone

The Cowfish and Aqueous ozone!

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The Cowfish in Charlotte, NC, is a great place to enjoy great food, and a new trial is underway with The eWater System.

We’ve installed The eWater System, featuring an aqueous ozone generator, to provide them with a chemical-free way to clean. We’re looking forward to working with the Charlotte location, just as we’ve enjoy working with their Raleigh location for a couple of years.

And we ALWAYS look forward to enjoying their food! Never had the pleasure of dining at The Cowfish, you say? Time to remedy that!

aqueous ozone for cowfish charlotte






Go – you’ll love it!

Comparing engineered water to chemicals.

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Comparing engineered water.

When considering engineered water technologies, like aqueous ozone or electrolyzed water, it’s useful to consider and compare them from three vantage points: 1. compared to conventional chemicals, 2. to “green” chemicals and, 3. to each as other on-site systems.

1. Compared to conventional chemicals. Pretty easy to see the value here. If you could cost-effectively clean without chemicals that build up residue, present health risks for workers and leave their mark on the environment, why wouldn’t you?lotus pro comparing engineered water

  • ewater products contain no residue to leave behind and build up (and residue traps dirt)
  • ewater products pose little to no health risk unlike most chemical products
  • ewater products revert to water and/or trace minerals, rendering them harmless to the environment. The same cannot be said for conventional chemical products.
  • ewater products are made on-site, eliminating the issues created by packaged products — that carbon impact of over-the-road shipping, the impact on landfills with the disposal of empty chemical containers, spray bottles and packaging, etc.

So, ewater technologies win against conventional chemicals. They can’t replace all cleaning products but they will likely replace your primary all-purpose & glass cleaners, and detergents.

2. Compared to “green” chemicals. While there are many excellent “green”cleaning products that provide advantages over conventional chemicals, here are the particular benefits of an ewater product vs. green chemistry.

  • green chemicals still have ingredients that can leave a residue behind – not optimal since residue traps dirt
  • realize that many green chemicals still have health risks – though they may be considerably safer than typical chemicals, that doesn’t necessarily mean they are safe. Read the labels carefully.
  • green chemicals are still packaged, shipped and disposed of like conventional chemicals

So, ewater technologies provide considerable  benefits over packaged green chemistry products.

3. Comparing engineered water technologies to each other. We’ll write more on this, but comparing the different technologies is interesting since no single technology does everything nor do they provide the same benefits — so it’s a matter of finding what’s right for you. In a nutshell:

  • aqueous ozone technology – example, Tersano — simplest of all; requires only cold tap water and electricity; product is made on-demand; very good all-purpose cleaner and sanitizer in one single product; great in cleaning equipment like carpet extractors, auto-scrubbers, etc.
  • electrolyzed water technology – example, Hoshizaki — device produces equal amounts of a cleaner and a sanitizer; the sanitizer is a chlorine species so applicable in foodservice settings; the cleaner can replace carpet detergents, warewasher detergents, light-duty degreasers and general cleaning product; more expensive and more involved than aqueous ozone technology, but additional applications


Hear it from a professional – aqueous ozone really works!

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aqueous ozone really worksTRUST THE PROFESSIONALS!

How can you argue with a custodial professional who not only says that aqueous ozone is an outstanding cleaner, but has replaced their trusted cleaning products with it? You can’t – because experience wins!

If you want to know how well something works, take it to people who spend the lives doing what it is you’re evaluating. When we’ve taken aqueous ozone cleaning technology to people who really know cleaning and ask for their evaluation, we get the truth. And the truth is – aqueous ozone works.

Clarence  Ashley, Head Custodian – Enloe High School, Wake County, NC … “When I first heard about ozone ewater, I was skeptical because “green” products are usually less effective and cost more. After using the eWater System, I found that it’s as good or better than chemical cleaners — and it’s more cost-effective. In my 20 years of experience, I have never seen such a product work so well.”

Jodi Krause, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Assistant Director – Housekeeping … “If you’d have told me ten years ago that we’d stop using cleaning chemicals and be using “water” to clean – I’d have laughed at you. The idea makes no sense to people  –  that this kind of chemical-free water could be an effective cleaner.  All I can tell you is –  it does, it works, we love it  –  and we’re not going back to chemicals.”

Want to hear more? Read more about what Jodi Krause is doing at the University of Wisconsin.

Greener Cleaning is just a tap away.

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green hands world

Take it from Stephen Ashkin – who is known as the Father of Green Cleaning – that engineered water technology has a vital and practical role to play in green and sustainable cleaning.  In a recent article in Facility Executive online, Ashkin writes,

Professionals in the cleaning industry are taking a closer look at what was initially referred to as “chemical-free” cleaning, but is now known as “engineered water.” Engineered water can be defined as the use of regular tap water that has been activated, ozonated, electrolyzed, heated, released under pressure, or treated in some way without the use of chemicals that turns it into an effective cleaning solution.

and later he adds,

The driving force behind engineered water cleaning is that it is an environmentally preferable form of cleaning. Another benefit that facility managers can appreciate is the potential to reduce costs. Admittedly most of the cost of cleaning is labor, but depending on the size of the facility, chemicals certainly can become a cost factor.

From our perspective at eWater Advantage, engineered water technology is a perfect example of when the right thing to do aligns with the economically smart thing to do. But you don’t have to take our word for it — now you can be advised by the “father of green cleaning”.  See the entire article here

Check out Mr. Ashkin here.