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Yes! We do carpets!

Posted on: September 28th, 2016 by mark bauer No Comments

Cold ozone ewater in a powered carpet extractor may equal the cleanest carpets ever, for two very good reasons.

  1. Cold ozone does a great job loosening dirt and debris allowing it to be drawn out, along with any left over shampoo residue from a prior cleaning, and
  2. Unlike conventional carpet shampoos, cold ozone ewater leaves no residue behind, and since it is chemical residue that attracts and traps dirt, carpets cleaned with ewater stay cleaner.

Here’s a quote from one of our customers who recently began using The eWater System for all their carpet maintenance. They went into the carpet cleaning skeptical, but came out with this:

“We have found the ewater to be not only an excellent all-purpose cleaner, but a terrific alternative to carpet shampoos. We had a particularly tough, set-in stain in a neutral-colored carpet and using just the cold ewater in a rented carpet extractor, the stain came right out! I was surprised to see it work so well. We are now using the ewater when we clean carpets throughout the building. We are excited to be able to extend the life of our carpet with the cost-effective, routine use of the ewater system.” — Laura Witter, Facilities Manager

Here’s some proof — the removal of an old stain that was believed to be coffee:











aqueous ozone on gym floors

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Aqueous ozone on gym floors? Yes! It really works.

aqueous ozone on gym floorsVisiting with our friends at Enloe High School yesterday.  After several months of proving the value of the aqueous ozone throughout the school it was time to test in on the gym floor. Understandably the athletic folks at the school wanted to ensure that the ewater wouldn’t hurt the finish, but they said, “ok, test it” after seeing how well it worked on other surfaces.


enloe dirty water after gym floorSo KC, the head custodian, loaded up fresh aqueous ozone into the auto-scrubber and tested a small section. The dirty water that came out (after just a five-minute test) was proof that the “clean” floor really needed the gentle power of the aqueous ozone ewater!


Cleaning the gym floor at Enloe High School with ewaterConclusion? The coaches tested the improved traction, noted the visible improvement and said, “when can you do the entire floor?” Success, KC… way to go! That’s what happens when you put aqueous ozone on gym floors!

Safe cleaning products – a custodian’s story.

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Safe cleaning products matter.

Here’s a great testimonial about the value and real importance of safer cleaning technologies from someone who knows — a professional custodian. Aqueous ozone technologies make a bigger difference than just how they clean.

Safe cleaning products start with on-site systems producing water-based cleaners like aqueous ozone.

safe cleaning products

Cleaning Value – what is it?

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Cleaning value.

How would you describe that? ISSA (the  International Sanitary Supply Association), leads the way in cleaning and the promotion of the industry that manages it. While many consider cleaning an annoying expense, ISSA continues to show the fault in that thinking. Cleaning is, in fact, directly related to profits keeping the work place and the workforce, healthy.

The latest demonstration of this truth is the ISSA infographic shown below. In the words of ISSA, “clean facilities generate revenue”.

cleaning value

The leading trade association for the cleaning industry worldwide, ISSA has a membership that includes more than 7,000 distributor, manufacturer, manufacturer representative, building service contractor, in-house service provider, and associated service members. ISSA helps its members and their employees make valuable contacts through the industry’s largest cleaning shows, produced in conjunction with Amsterdam RAI under the brand name ISSA/INTERCLEAN®.


Is There Still Hope For a GREEN Future?

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green future? Baoding China Pollution

Green Future? Is it possible? Of course!

Last month the world turned its attention towards China’s most polluted city. CNN reported that in the city of Baoding, the smog is so thick you can see it. It can burn your eyes and leave a nasty chemical taste in your mouth.

That is the reality of cities around the world. Urban metropolises shrouded in thick clouds of pollution. Streets littered with trash, skies full of smoke, and waterways full of harmful chemicals. The dirty world we live in was dirtied up by us – humans. Logically that should mean that the clean world we desire for our future should be cleaned up by us as well.

It IS getting better. One step at a time.

One of the most exciting pieces of progress in the puzzle of environmental responsibility is to watch how the construction of new buildings is moving from environmentally hazardous to environmentally harmless. The USGBC (United States Green Building Council) is transforming buildings in major metropolises around the world into shining examples of the way our future cities will look.

Is there really hope for our future cities?

The USGBC issues the LEED certification to new construction projects. Any new construction project that desires a LEED certificationgreen future has to go through intense scrutiny by the USGBC to see if they are up to the appropriate environmental standards. It’s possible that in the future, all buildings will eventually have to go through such scrutiny – vastly cleaning up our cities and making our environment a safer place to live.

Right now in the United States, 38% of all CO2 emissions and 73% of all electricity consumption comes from buildings ALONE. This is huge. However, buildings that attain LEED status consume 25% less energy, 11% less water, and 34% lower greenhouse gas emissions.

The future is in our hands.

We have the capability to change the world with something as simple as making sure our new construction projects (or current building management projects) are LEED certified. Cities like Baoding China, all the way to Raleigh, North Carolina where we’re headquartered can drastically change for the better if our buildings are “greened”!

eWater Advantage is passionately committed to helping you attain LEED status for the buildings you manage. We provide a truly innovative alternative to chemical cleaning products, a new technology called “engineered water”. Through the scientific process of electrolyzation, simple tap water is transformed into a powerful cleaning agent – and then naturally changes back into water within 24 hours. Safe for the water supply, your building, and the future of our planet. Oh, did we mention that it’s cheaper than regular cleaning products? There’s nothing to lose. It’s time to go green – it’s time to create real hope for a GREEN future!