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Kids and hand sanitizers

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kid hand san

You’ve seen the story — kids getting drunk on hand sanitizers. Images from schools show kids lined up to get a squirt of hand sanitizer gel, all in the name of keeping them safe. While we need to use sanitizers and disinfectants in situations to minimize the potential for harm, we’ve become obsessed with “sanitizing”. Hand sanitizers and disinfecting wipes are used so routinely — they are in every classroom, every workplace, and every home. Yet there is a growing chorus from knowledgeable sources warning of the overuse  — and now stories come out that kids are getting drunk, not exactly the intended consequence.

Disinfecting wipes are used like paper towels without the disinfecting impact that users believe they’re getting. Swishing a wipe across a counter will not leave the counter disinfected, but it will leave the chemical residue behind.  Read the directions for use on the tub of disinfecting wipes in your home to understand. To get some perspective on warnings against overuse of these products, check out this story by Healthy Child Healthy World.

So here’s the question: what is the point of using chemical products if the consequences of the chemicals are worse than their intended results?

What Three Country Clubs Are Doing To Protect The Environment…

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… protect their workers and benefit their bottom line.



A common theme with country clubs in the US is a desire to promote member health. After all, the very purpose of creating places to be active is to promote the health and well-being of the people who use them. From golf, to swimming pools, to tennis courts, to fitness facilities and more – country clubs are an excellent way to keep folks in good health.

More than member well-being, a positive trend with country clubs is to be concerned with environment well-being. Country Clubs desire to be environmentally-friendly, and are making strides in their efforts to protect the environment.

lotus pro by tersanoOne of the best decisions country clubs can make is to implement ozone ewater with The eWater® System.

Ozone ewater is a revolutionary and powerful oxidizer that’s 100% environmentally friendly. The patented technology transforms ordinary tap water into the world’s most effective chemical-free commercial cleaner. Eliminating germs, odors, stains, mold, mildew, and other contaminants on any surface before changing safely back into water and oxygen, ozone ewater provides the perfect cleaning solution for the environmentally-conscious country club. If you’re not convinced yet, you should know that The eWater® System provides the world’s best chemical-free cleaner that:

  • can significantly reduce cleaning costs
  • effectively cleans & deodorizes
  • provides sanitizing for germ removal during cleaning – it carries Green Seal GS-53 certification as a safe antimicrobial
  • requires no PPE and minimal safety training
  • eliminates risk of mixing with other chemicals
  • eliminates risk of handling concentrates
  • no fumes – non-caustic – non-toxic
  • shown to reduce slips & falls
  • converts safely back into oxygen (O2) after use
  • is 100% chemical free – no toxins, carcinogens or chemical residue
  • can be used on hard and soft surfaces from toilet bowls to carpet & upholstery

Keeping up with a country club is no small task. Cleaning carpets, hardwood floors, locker rooms, bathrooms, furniture, glass and more requires a variety of products and tools. The eWater® System for housekeeping uses safe, natural and effective ozone ewater to replace most all cleaning chemicals.

Better for your workers, better for your facility, better for your bottom line.

As the golfing season rolls on, we’re excited to see how The eWater® System positively impacts country clubs around the country. Looking for a great country club to join?

Check out this list of 4 of our favorite country clubs around the country:


1. North Ridge Country Club

Located on nearly 400 acres of rolling, wooded terrain in Raleigh, North Carolina, the impressive complex and grounds of North Ridge Country Club offer exceptional social and recreational opportunities for members, their families and guests. The two 18-hole golf courses, aptly named Lakes and Oaks, were designed by Gene Hamm and George Cobb, and were later updated by John LaFoy to assure challenge and playability for golfers of all skill levels. In addition to the stately 70,000 square foot clubhouse, the North Ridge campus features a modern tennis and recently expanded fitness center, an inviting family-size pool and swim clubhouse, a cart and bag storage building, and a state of the art golf maintenance and equipment facility.

2. Carolina Country Club

Carolina Golf Club is an outstanding private golf club, which provides a carefully restored Donald Ross-designed golf course, excellent programs and other facilities to serve the golf and social desires of its members and their families. The club is recognized for its classic golf course and proximity to the central business district of Charlotte.  Its exceptional conditioning and casual, friendly atmosphere provide an inviting setting to enjoy golf-oriented social interaction for members and guests. The club is fiscally sound and offers an attractive value proposition. Membership is maintained at a carefully considered authorized maximum number, and qualified candidates are waiting to join. The friendly, well-trained and capable staff is a highly-valued asset. The members take great pride in the club’s rich history and current well-being, contributing their time, talents, and financial resources as needed to support and improve the club.

3. TPC Wakefield Plantation

Situated on 217 acres of breathtaking countryside within the community of Wakefield Plantation in Raleigh, North Carolina, TPC at Wakefield Plantation offers a winning combination: 18 holes of golf designed by veteran PGA TOUR player Hale Irwin; an array of amenities; and the personalized service and privileges enjoyed at the McConnell Golf sister properties. These amenities include a full service country club featuring a newly renovated clubhouse perfect for any gathering or event along with The Sports Club which houses our Plantation 9 Hole Golf Course, Swimming Pools, Tennis Facility, Fitness Center, Kids Club rooms – all perfect for the family.



eWater Featured in McConnell Golf Magazine

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eWater Golf CourseRecently, eWater Advantage® was featured in McConnell Golf Magazine.

see the article here you’ll find the story on page 8

“As part of a commitment to the health and well-being of all members and employees, McConnell Golf has introduced a cutting-edge and environmentally sustainable technology at several of its clubs,” according to a statement released in the magazine. McConnell Golf has introduced a stabilized aqueous ozone solution of  eWater, or SAO at several of its clubs. “Using eWater, through eWater Advantage, we believe will have a true impact on our sustainability commitment,” says McConnell Golf Chief Operating Officer Christian Anastasiadis.

Anastasiadis continues, “We have installed four systems so far at Raleigh Country Club, TPC Wakefield Plantation, Brook Valley Country Club, and Treyburn Country Club, and we will install the rest next year at our other clubs. Our cleaning staff loves using the eWater products.”

The McConnell Golf Magazine was launched in July 2008 and has become one of the most authoritative and well known golf publications, reaching over 6000 businesses and individuals every year.
McConnell Golf Magazine eWater


Click here to visit McConnell Golf.

School is in! What about the cleaning chemicals?

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ewater cleans without chemicals

ewater cleans without chemicals

Here’s something to think about from the concerned folks at Health Child Healthy World. What kind of cleaning chemicals are being used in your school? As we get ready to send our kids back for another year, that’s a question that not many parents ask. Since conventional (and even “green”) chemicals leave residues behind, every desktop and door handle can transfer those residues to hands and arms. And what about the ever-present tubs of disinfecting wipes everywhere? At best they’re providing a little sanitizing while leaving behind whatever the active ingredient is in them. (BTW – read the back of your own tub of disinfecting wipes to understand what “disinfecting” even requires – you might be surprised.) Check out the story for other health-minded questions you could be asking your school, and if you want to recommend  an alternative, we can probably help!

What’s really in cleaning chemicals?

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There are limited studies on the health impacts of commercial cleaning chemicals, but thankfully many reports are available about household cleaning chemicals. And unless you somehow believe that commercial products are safer and gentler than consumer versions, these studies are relevant and eye-opening. You might not be the one cleaning your place of work, but you should care about what’s being used.

Though assailed by critics as “fringe reporting” or “alarmists”, organizations like Environmental Working Group (EWG) and Women’s Voices for the Earth (WVE) are making an effort to do one thing — protect the health and well-being of you, me, our children and the planet by digging into the reality of products like cleaning chemicals.

In their latest report, “Deep Clean”, WVE again tackles the issue of insufficient disclosure of ingredients, writing,WVE Deep Clean

“… cleaning product companies use the lack of industry regulations as a loophole to keep customers in the dark about how they screen for dangerous chemicals and their overall standards of product safety.”

At eWater we like the OSHA approach to cleaning chemicals, which is little more than common sense — if there is a safer way to effectively get a job done, then choose the safer way. eWater solutions offer freedom from the worry of wondering what really is in those cleaning chemicals. Check out the WVE report here.

Electrolyzed water profiled in Food Safety Magazine

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Can electrolyzed water make a difference? Overall, the CDC estimates that each year roughly one in six Americans get sick.  128,000 are hospitalized and 3,000 die of foodborne illnesses. The CDC recognizes that enhanced measures are needed to control or eliminate pathogens in domestic and imported food.  There is a critical need to reduce or prevent contamination of food during growing, harvesting, processing, preparation and serving.   This includes the training and equipping of food service personnel with the best tools and the necessary knowledge to provide safe food for consumers.  The challenge is not just eliminating the harmful pathogens, but doing so with products and processes that are themselves safe for food and food preparation environments.

electrolyzed water approved by FDAFor meeting these challenges, there is a solution that is simpler than one might think.  It’s called electrolyzed water, also known as eWater. The process combines tap water with small amounts of food-grade salt and low levels of electricity in special on-site generators to produce two different products—highly efficient cleaner-degreasers and powerful sanitizer-antimicrobials. The eWater products are approved for cleaning and sanitizing throughout food service operations and food-contact surfaces. They are also approved as a wash for fruits and vegetables.  In short, eWater is an effective tool for food safety. It doesn’t harm food, employees or the environment, and it can provide significant financial benefits by eliminating warewasher detergents and general cleaning and sanitizing products.

With eWater, the on-site generators produce as much product as needed—eliminating the worry and hassle of reordering, shipping, storing and disposal of packaging. And after use, eWater leaves no negative environmental impact––just water and salt. Because eWater does not leave lingering chemical residues or harmful fumes indoor air quality is not compromised.

From a financial perspective, installing an eWater system is a smart investment. The installation cost is easily recouped because a restaurant’s total cleaning expense is reduced.  Leased installations are typically less than monthly cleaning expenses, making that option immediately attractive. Costing only pennies per gallon to create, employees, facility managers and food handlers can use as much product as they want without concern for cost, storage or shipping.

Read the full article about the promise of electrolyzed water in Food Safety Magazine.

eWater Advantage has added ‘ozone ewater’ to our solutions for healthier cleaning.

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We have added ozone ewater (also known as aqueous ozone) technology to our line up of people-friendly, sustainable cleaning & sanitizing solutions! The eWater® System, featuring Tersano’s ozone ewater generator, provides a cost-effective and safe alternative to harsh chemical products. But don’t take our word for it … check this out:

You Won’t Find Chemicals Here

Congratulations to the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Division of Housing for receiving the 2013 Silver Green Cleaning Award for Higher Education. For them, the move to go green meant eliminating chemicals for daily use. Jodi Krause, Assistant Director of Housekeeping, is just as surprised as anybody at this dramatic change—and how clean and healthy it’s keeping her buildings. “If you told me 10 years ago that we’d be cleaning surfaces with water, I would have laughed.” The fact is, that’s exactly what Krause and her team are doing. They’re using “ozone infused water” (ozone ewater) instead of glass cleaner or all-purpose cleaner for routine cleaning.

First, the department purchased a few handheld devices. Krause then set up a method to test results with help from an ATP tester. Staff would use charged water to clean a bathroom one day, and disinfectant to clean a different bathroom the next. After each cleaning, Krause would use the ATP device to read the amount of remaining soil remaining. When comparing the results of the experiment, she was floored. “We were getting zeros with the water in comparison to maybe a few hundred [for cleaning with disinfectant]. It was amazing for me to see those results and share them with other custodians. We would look at each other in disbelief, thinking this can’t be right.”

It turns out the ATP testing was right, which Krause’s team confirmed after they expanded their experiments and eventually installed a wall-mounted devices from Tersano in every building. Now they use ozone infused water to clean every bathroom and surface across 29 residence halls. They even put charged water in their auto scrubbers for floors and use it on carpets and furniture.

The ozone ewater generators work by applying a small amount of electricity to cold tap water, infusing the water with ozone. During cleaning, the ozone in the solution helps lift dirt from surfaces. The ozone also aids in breaking down the walls of bacterial cells, viruses, and other germs. But Krause doesn’t need a controlled experiment to prove that the cleaning solution was killing germs in her buildings. At University of Wisconsin-Madison, where 7,500 residential students live in tight quarters, flu and viruses can spread like wildfire. Every year, Krause and her staff treat at least one norovirus outbreak, shutting down entire floors. But this school year, they’ve had nothing—not one epidemic, not one floor shut down with the flu, not one health-related issue to mention. That’s all the proof she needs.

All in all, the move to ozone ewater is keeping things simple and keeping costs low. Krause has projected that her department will save between $7,000 and $8,000 each year on chemical purchases alone.  Original story posted here.

The eWater® System, from eWater Advantage®, utilizes the Tersano™ aqueous ozone technology. The eWater® System is available as a monthly program which  includes complete maintenance & warranty and additional benefits.  Ask us how we can get your facility the same kind of results with eWater Advantage®. Contact us.

eWater Advantage partners with EcoLogic Solutions

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We are pleased to announce the formation of a strategic partnership with EcoLogic Solutions Inc. of Brooklyn, NY. This new alliance brings tremendous opportunity for both eWater Advantage and EcoLogic Solutions to accelerate the applications of ewater products and eco-friendly cleaning and sanitizing solutions to the hospitality and healthcare markets, and beyond.eWater partners with Ecologic Solutions

Under this strategic partnership, the companies will represent one another’s products and systems in their respective markets. This includes technology such as the Hoshizaki ROX compact ewater systems for foodservice, currently in wide use around the world, and EcoLogic’s ELT systems, which produce the first-ever GS-53 Green Seal-certified sanitizer/disinfectant, a compound registered with US EPA as a hospital-grade disinfectant.

eWater Advantage will also be representing the complete line of eco-friendly, bio-based cleaning products produced by EcoLogic. This is an extensive catalog of Green Seal and Green Restaurant Association-certified products that perform specialized cleaning functions to compliment the use of the ewater products.  According to Mark Stedelbauer, VP Marketing & Technology at eWater Advantage, “The opportunity to offer the EcoLogic products and technology to our customers completes our ability to offer a total solution, particularly in hospitality and healthcare. Our customers are anxious to minimize the use of cleaning products and detergents that they know to be harsh or hazardous. The proven quality of the EcoLogic products combined with our ewater technology meets that need beautifully.”

As a special initiative, eWater Advantage and EcoLogic Solutions will be working together to extend the value of the ewater cleaning product to commercial kitchen dishwashing equipment. With the cost of dishwashing detergent being the single largest chemical expense in the kitchen, utilizing ewater in place of detergents means a significant financial benefit to customers.


Chemical eye splashes – a problem solved by electrolyzed water!

Posted on: September 1st, 2013 by eWAteam

According to an article published in QSR Magazine the #4 cause of injury to restaurant workers is “splashes from grease or sanitizing chemicals“. While it can be difficult to prevent splashing, why not remove the injury risk of chemical eye splashes by removing the types of chemicals – cleaning & sanitizing – that cause the injury? Seems like an obvious solution. Electrolyzed water provides effective cleaning & sanitizing options *without* the risk of eye, skin or respiratory injury.  Click here to read the article at QSR Magazine…

ewater eliminates harsh chemical eye splashes

See ewater sanitizer in action!

Posted on: March 25th, 2013 by eWAteam

Ewater sanitizer. The following video shows the effectiveness of ewater sanitizer. produced by the Hoshizaki ROX, at killing bacteria. This is time-lapse photography over 10 days. The vase on the right is tap water – the vase on the left is ewater sanitizer at a low parts-per-million. Watch how the vase on the right, the tap water, becomes cloudy, indicating the presence of bacteria – it is the bacteria in the water that attacks the stems and brings on decay – while the vase on the left stays clear and the flowers hold up as if just freshly cut.

Left = Vase with ewater Right = Vase with tap water