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eWater cleans the TPC Clubs!

Posted on: May 16th, 2016 by mark bauer No Comments

Hey golf fans! This past weekend saw The Players Championship at TPC Sawgrass in Florida, and in our own backyard here in Raleigh, clubsThe REX Hospital Open (part of the Tour) at TPC Wakefield Plantation.  What do these two clubs have in common (other than being part of TPC)? Both clubs are using The eWater® System instead of conventional chemicals for cleaning. Two beautiful clubhouses that have replaced chemicals with something better and safer for people, property and the planet.

At TPC Wakefield (part of The McConnell Group),  Chief Engineer, Jason Howell said, “”I find the aqueous ozone to be as effective as the chemicals it has replaced — maybe even a little more effective due to the decreased concern of bleaching clothes or carpets.” When asked about the reaction of his staff and cleaning with ozone ewater, he answered, “The reaction from the staff has been very positive, even though it takes some getting used to because at first it feels like you’re just cleaning with plain water. It’s great to be reducing the amount of potentially harmful and expensive chemicals, and to have a seemingly endless supply of cleaner on hand.”

Two premier clubs that are part of a growing network of golf and recreational clubs that are turning to the safe and effective cleaning power of ozone for their facility maintenance. Customers include North Ridge CC, Sedgefield CC, Old North State CC, CC of Asheville, Treyburn CC, Carolina CC and Forsythe CC.


Aqueous ozone and Carolina Country Club

Posted on: February 8th, 2016 by mark bauer No Comments

carolina country club aqueous ozone

Decisions to “go green” (or, “more green” for those who have been making the effort) are happening everyday in all categories of business. Take the world of golf, for example. Surrounded by literal green and greens, the golf industry has a strong recent history of trying to minimize their impact on the environment, considering the importance of nature to their mission.

To that end, eWater Advantage is please to recognize and congratulate Carolina Country Club for their latest commitment to human & environmental health.  When presented with the benefits of The eWater System, Carolina Country Club saw an important opportunity to further enhance their efforts towards sustainability and personnel & member health.

Using The eWater System allows Carolina Country Club to maintain a clean and healthy facility without the use of potentially harsh chemicals products.  The potential harm of cleaning chemicals is well documented, but viable alternatives have not been easy to come by. While there are effective and truly “green chemistry” cleaners, overall, compared to conventional chemicals, green products are regarded as either less effective, or too expensive — or both. The ozone ewater produced by the technology of The eWater System, changes all that. Not only does The eWater System replace glass cleaners, detergents, floor cleaners, carpet shampoos, all-purpose cleaners and more, producing the product on-site means far less packaging waste ends up in landfills, and the carbon impact of transporting packaged products is eliminated.

Carolina Country Club was established in 1910 and has remained at its original location since inception. The Club, as one of the nation’s best private clubs, has been recognized as a five-star Platinum Club by a respected industry survey of peer club managers and presidents and recently earned the designation of a distinguished Emerald Club of the World by Boardroom Magazine. The membership enjoys first class facilities in all areas including golf, tennis, wellness, youth, pool, food and beverage service, with each area led by an experienced and talented group of managers and professionals.