Your members, employees and guests all deserve the safest, healthiest environment you can create. We can help you get there while reducing your costs.

“McConnell Golf and our membership care about the health of people and the environment,   and increasingly chose products and services – like The eWater® System – that reflect our commitment to a safer, healthier world.”

— McConnell Golf – eWater® customer


Engineered water science is creating better, safer, healthier ways of maintaining our world without harsh chemicals. Technologies that can substantially reduce costs while delivering outstanding performance.  Solutions that are safe for the environment and pose no health risks to employees and customers.


Eliminate multiple cleaning chemicals in exchange for a one-step cleaner, sanitizer & deodorizer and change the way you clean forever. Your employees and members will love it.


FDA-approved technology creating unlimited quantities of cleaner and sanitizer on-site and on-demand. No more buying and handling of harsh chemical concentrates.




Cleaning carpets, hardwood floors, locker rooms, bathrooms, furniture, glass and more requires a variety of products and tools. The eWater System for housekeeping uses safe, natural and effective ozone ewater to replace most all cleaning chemicals. Better for your workers, better for your facility, better for your bottom line.

The patented technology transforms ordinary tap water into the world’s most effective chemical-free commercial cleaner. It eliminates germs, odors, stains, mold, mildew and other contaminants on any item or surface before changing safely back into water and oxygen.

The unit produces an aqueous ozone ewater that:

  • effectively cleans & deodorizes – Green Seal GS-37 certified
  • provides sanitizing for germ removal during cleaning –  Green Seal GS-53 certification as a safe antimicrobial
  • requires no PPE – minimal safety training
  • eliminates risk of mixing with other chemicals
  • eliminates risk of handling concentrates
  • no fumes – non-caustic – non-toxic
  • shown to reduce slips & falls
  • converts safely back into oxygen (O2) after use
  • great for hard and soft surfaces – from floors & toilets to carpets & upholstery
  • is 100% chemical free – no toxins, carcinogens or residue
  • qualifies for LEED points when replacing chemicals


Easy to install, maintain and work with, endorsed by customers for its safety, effectiveness and cost-savings, it will deliver the same impact on your housekeeping and custodial efforts, be they large or small.  For people, planet and profit!
And check out the “HOW IT WORKS” video to look inside the machine.




ewater for food safety
The eWater® System for Foodservice brings savings and efficiency to kitchen maintenance and food safety programs.
For less monthly cost than you likely spend on detergents, soaps and cleaning products,  eWater Advantage®  provides technology to automatically produce your own cleaner-deodorizer right in your kitchen, eliminating most of the cleaning products you currently use. To ensure it is a complete solution, additional cleaning requirements are satisfied by certified eco-friendly and worker-friendly products. Better for your food, better for your employees,  better for your business.


A single unit creates an unlimited supply, on-demand, of a safe and effective solution. Useful in spray bottles, mop buckets and more.
The first part of The eWater® System for Foodservice is the lotus® PRO generator. The unit produces ozone water – for cleaning food-contact surfaces, plus, as it is aqueous ozone, it is approved as a wash for fruits & vegetables. The product effectively cleans and deodorizes all types of surfaces — work tables, cutting boards, appliances, glass and plastics, even floors. Great for use in autoscrubbers and carpet extractors for dining areas. Ozone ewater leaves no residue behind, producing truly clean food-contact surfaces. The solution produced by the unit carries Green Seal GS-37 and GC-53 certifications and qualifies for LEED programs.

Dispenses 3-4 gallons per minute – instant supply of ready-to-use products. This unit is the backbone of our Foodservice solution.


Supplementing the ozone ewater are  other eco-friendly, green certified products. While the ozone ewater is the primary product used for cleaning, the heavy demands of a busy kitchen require certain specialized products, such as:
• oven & griddle cleaners
• warewasher detergents
• sanitizing agents
• heavy duty degreasers

The eWater® System incorporates a complete solution to meet all your needs – cost-effective products that maximize safety and corporate responsibility.
• certifications of various green agencies
• products approved for foodservice
• products that minimize PPE requirements and increase employee satisfaction


The eWater® System incorporates products approved by respected organizations like Green Seal, Green Restaurant Association, EcoLogo, EPA’s Design for Environment, USDA and more.






“Using The eWater® System we believe will make a true impact to our sustainability commitment – and our cleaning staff loves using the eWater products. We have installed systems at five of our clubs so far and we will be installing the rest soon.”

COO — McConnell Golf

“I find the ozone ewater to be as effective [as chemicals]. Maybe even a little more effective due to the decreased concern of bleaching clothes or carpet. It is great to have a seemingly endless supply of cleaner on hand.”

Chief Engineer

— TPC Wakefield Plantation

“The staff, they love it! There is no smell to it, so people feel safer using it.”  

Executive Chef

— Treyburn Country Club





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