electrolyzed water and healthy cannabis growth

Posted on: July 10th, 2019 by mark bauer No Comments

Using electrolyzed water in horticulture is a growing trend. Growers of all kinds — from herbs to cannabis or hemp to fruits and vegetables — have become very aware of the dangers of conventional pesticides and even fertilizers. Traces of such chemicals left on harvested plants may end up being ingested by consumers.  Products that are converted to oils, essential oils, CBD and others, can contain concentrated levels of these chemicals.

But the problem of pests and the need for healthy plants is critical and solutions must be provided. Enter electrolyzed water in two formulations. A low pH, acidic product (generally ~ 3 pH) acts as an outstanding antimicrobial defense against numerous invading organisms, from mites to powdery mildew.  A high pH, alkaline product (generally ~ 11 pH) works as a buffer to the alternating use of the acidic product and is documented to produce healthier plants.electrolyzed water cannabis hemp

The Hoshizaki ROX technology is ideally suited for this task as it creates the right profiles of both an acidic and an alkaline product in equal volumes. Capable of producing hundreds of gallons of both solutions daily, this is a workhorse machine from a leading manufacturer of foodservice equipment. To date more than 50,000 ROX-technology units have been sold, primarily for cleaning and sanitizing, but opportunities in agriculture are creating a new frontier.

Search for content and videos on using kangen water with cannabis hemp farming to find examples of current trends — then let us help you get set up with commercial-grade solutions.


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