The future of cleaning. Welcome to eWater Advantage®

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The future of cleaning.

The mission of eWater Advantage® is to introduce “electrolyzed water” (EW) into multiple industries for safe and “green” cleaning and sanitizing through systematic methodologies, leveraging key relationships and innovative marketing methods.

eWater Advantage® leverages go-to-market strategies and partnerships that provide established sales channels, customer relationships and market expertise, which embrace the coming revolution of water-based cleaning and sanitizing for the future of cleaning without harsh chemicals.  Initial target markets include agriculture, health & wellness, healthcare and hospitality.

The services of eWater Advantage® represent not just cleaning products, but strategies for growth and lasting customer relationships. The full intent of eWater Advantage® cleaning & germ-removal certification system is to create business mechanisms that:

1.      Open new doors and convert prospects into customers through innovative marketing and applications

2.     Create a value proposition that is unlike that of the competition to build lasting and satisfying relationships by avoiding the “commoditization” of cleaning services

eWater Advantage® is the exclusive distributor for Hoshizaki America’s electrolyzed water production systems. The future of cleaning.
   future of cleaning eWater Advantage and Hoshizaki

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