If you’re wanting to go green – see the big picture.

Posted on: January 11th, 2016 by mark bauer No Comments

go green

GO GREEN! Then go really green without sacrificing the true cleaning ability of the product by using on-site generation of aqueous ozone.

General attitudes towards green cleaners have typically been either – they didn’t work well enough, or they were too expensive – and many times, both.

Nowadays there are many quality “green” chemistry products, but they still have (from a sustainability perspective) the boat anchor of conventional distribution. Shipped by the truckload, green chemistry products burn just as much fossil fuel and create just as much carbon as any other product shipped over-the-road. The empty containers and packaging waste from green products contribute to landfills the same as any bottle of a harsh cleaner. And residues left on surfaces still trap dirt and build up over time, whether they are “green” or not.

Thinking of “greening” your cleaning program? Then really go green by going all the way with aqueous ozone technology. Make your own unlimited supply on-site; no environmental impact of constant transportation; no containers for landfills; no residue left on surfaces or in carpets. And yes, it really works and it’s totally green — nothing is safer for your staff, your customers, or the environment. When you look at it from the big picture, nothing is “greener” than aqueous ozone made on-site!


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