Posted on: July 20th, 2016 by mark bauer No Comments

Here’s another great example of the importance of aqueous ozone ewater and the kinds of companies that are adopting it for reasons of health, sustainability and cost-reduction.

Kilroy Realty Corporation is a west-coast commercial real estate firm that has served a range of dynamic industries for over 65 years.  Their premium commercial properties total more than 14 million square feet from Seattle to San Diego. Kilroy recently adopted aqueous ozone technology at some of their properties and has this to say about it …


“11 buildings in San Diego eliminated the need of most cleaning chemicals, replacing them with aqueous ozone for all janitorial services, both day and night crews. This has resulted in an annual cost savings of $21,600 and a healthier environment for both janitors and tenants.” Here’s the source.

Congratulations, Kilroy, for the leadership you’re showing — not just talking about sustainability, but doing practical things that make a difference.


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