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The intention of the hospitality industry is to provide pleasurable, safe and memorable experiences.  In kitchens the importance of food safety is primary.  Ensuring that the entire environment in which food is prepared and customers are served remains safe and healthy is critical.  So where is the logic in using chemical products and detergents that are known to be hazardous around food? Where is the logic in using the same products around customers and employees? Cleaner, healthier, safer environments are possible.

Why it matters:

  1. Cleanliness and germ-control are crucial and required around food – from manufacturing to service.
  2. Inadequate germ-control or the presence of chemical residues can result in tainted food.
  3. Consumers have become keenly aware of germs and the need to protect against them.
  4. The expense of chemical products and warewasher detergents can be substantial.
  5. The risks of hazardous chemicals in the kitchen are unnecessary.

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