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Schools, Class A office space, entertainment facilities, retail developments, apartment complexes, and more,  all require consistent efforts to maintain clean and sanitary environments to protect the public health. Standard practice is that multiple cleaning chemicals are needed to clean carpets, floors, locker rooms, bathrooms, furniture, glass, etc. That means the expense and time demands of managing multiple products, and time wasted on the job moving between different products. It also means that many harsh and hazardous chemical concentrates are stored in buildings requiring mixing by maintenance personnel.  Engineered water technologies change all that — providing a simple, safe and effective alternative to most conventional cleaning chemicals.

Why it matters:

  1. Billions of pounds of basic cleaners and sanitizers are used annually in this country producing a measurable environmental impact.
  2. Custodial personnel suffer some of the highest rates of respiratory ailments due to constantly spraying (and breathing) cleaning chemicals.
  3. The acute risks of handling super concentrated chemicals are eye, skin and lung damage.
  4. Cleaning chemicals leave residues that work to attract and hold dirt.

Learn about the superior solutions of engineered water.

cleaning without chemical hazards