What began as an effort to be healthier through cleaning with chemicals, has resulted in chemicals that are compromising our health. The process for cleaning and infection prevention has become a balancing act – balancing the removal of harmful germs for the sake of safe environments, against the harmful impact of the same chemicals on people and our world. Many businesses are under a legal obligation, and all businesses and organizations are under a moral obligation, to provide safe and sanitary environments without jeopardizing the health and well-being of employees or customers. The products used for cleaning and sanitizing, and how those products are applied, have a direct bearing on these requirements.


PROBLEM: Our Chemical Addiction

Our chemical addiction — billions of pounds of chemical cleaners & sanitizers are released into our environment. Flushed down drains they make their way into our ground and water. In our buildings they are released as fumes into the air we breathe and they linger as residues on surfaces we touch. Are you satisfied with this?
ewater solution to chemical addiction

SOLUTION: ewater... the anti-chemical

ewater is the anti-chemicalEwater is the anti-chemical. No chemical-additives. No risk to people, property or the planet. Every gallon of ewater used means one less gallon of chemical consequences being released into our work environments and into our world. That’s a good thing… learn how ewater compares to chemicals.



PROBLEM: Rise of the Resistance

chemical resistance can be avoided by ewaterChemical resistance: we are facing the rise of superbugs – microorganisms that have become resistant to antibiotics, and as a result, have become more deadly and harder to kill. Schools, health care, fitness centers, restaurants …. all face the need to perform germ control to prevent outbreaks. But with what and at what cost? Stronger chemicals with longer contact times? More fumes? More risk?
 ewater can help prevent chemical resistance

SOLUTION: EWater Kills Without Resistance

Effective destruction without resistance. Microorganisms being attacked by electrolyzed water cannot develop a resistance… period. So instead of contributing to the ongoing mutation of bacteria, ewater helps break that cycle.  The need to ensure such organisms are killed in a healthcare environment become that much more urgent if we can’t protect patients and workers with antibiotics. Stronger chemicals? Or smarter solutions? Here’s a September, 2013 release from the U.S. CDC sounding the alarm. 



The human health toll. What gets on your skin risks being absorbed. What you spray from a bottle, you risk breathing in. Custodial workers suffer occupational illnesses as a result of their jobs and the products they use. And what about the long-term consequences of exposure to these products? The EPA, FDA, CDC, OSHA all acknowledge the dangers posed by harsh chemicals. The #1 rule of working with a hazardous product is, if something safer will do the job, choose the safer way.
no human health toll with ewater


eWater is safer. The ewater produced by eWater Advantage systems leaves no residue, emits no fumes, causes no burns. It contains no phthalates, no ammonium quaternary compounds, no glycol ether. It’s safe enough to be used on and around food and the EPA and FDA say so. Doesn’t that sound better than products that have to be rinsed away?

 ewater is the safer alternative