Electrolyzed water healthy plant growth cannabis hemp CBD THC

Grow your cannabis hemp crops without harsh chemicals!

  • acidic solution of 2.9 pH provides antimicrobial control
  • alkaline solution of 11.3 pH to stimulate plant growth
  • solutions are NOP approved
  • ROX-20 generates unmatched volumes of the products — hundreds of gallons per day

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Growers of cannabis and hemp crops for production of CBD and THC products are turning to electrolyzed water. Using these solutions helps to control unwanted pests, promotes healthy plant growth and eliminates the use of undesirable chemicals. As the cannabis industry matures, better solutions for healthy crop production will be embraced.

The ROX-20 is a highly reliable, world-class water electrolyzer capable of produce 40+ gallons ewater works for foodserviceper hour of  both an acidic 2.9 pH product and an alkaline 11.3 pH product.  Tap water, salt and electricity are all that is required to produce on-demand, unlimited quantities. Other systems being promoting for use by growers produce only a fraction of this volume.

The acidic solution is ~ 2.9 pH.  The concentration of the solution is user-controlled offering a ppm range of FAC (free available chlorine, in the form of Hypochlorous Acid) from 10 ppm to 100 ppm, that is a rapidly effective antimicrobial against a broad spectrum of microorganisms. The alkaline solution is ~ 11.3 pH, which balances the use of the acidic product and promotes plant growth.

Both solutions are considered GRAS (generally recognized as safe) and are accepted by NOP for organic produce production. Cannabis/hemp growers producing CBD and THC products are finding success in controlling spider mites, powdery mildew, mold and other pests, without the risk of unwanted chemicals.  The ROX-20 produces solutions that are ideally suited for these uses and can provide unmatched volumes of both the acidic and the alkaline products.

Online searches by cannabis/hemp growers will provide more examples of how these technologies are being used. The ROX-20 is a workhorse machine, manufactured in Japan, with a long history. Over 50,000 units have been sold to various industries (primarily foodservice cleaning and sanitizing) making it one of the most distributed commercial-grade water electrolyzers. Electrolyzed water for cannabis hemp CBD THC healthy plant growth.