Steve Ashkin at Carolina’s CMAA Spring Event

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steve ashkin at carolina's cmaa spring event

Our thanks go out to Steve Ashkin, The Ashkin Group, for visiting us in Raleigh this week. Steve came to town with the support of Tersano, to speak at the Spring Education Event for the Carolina’s chapter of the CMAA (Club Manager’s Association of America).  Known as “the father of green cleaning”, Steve’s presentation focused the audience on the importance of developing green cleaning programs and provided practical steps for getting there.

The main points of his advice to club managers included:

  1. Understand your power as a purchaser — every purchase creates an opportunity to support better, healthier ways of delivering cleaning — voting with your dollars as it were
  2. Instead of focusing on being clean, focus on health and safety — if you do, the appearance factor of cleaning will take care of itself
  3. Reduce the overall volume of consumption (paper towels, chemicals, energy) by learning to be more efficient, and by choosing more efficient products or materials
  4. Have a written policy to make clear your commitment to better practices for a safer workplace and healthier planet
  5. Engage your stakeholders – don’t go it alone — implement a “green team”, with members from each department, that becomes the driver for better practices
  6. Equip the staff with education — since labor is 60-70% of costs your team needs to know how to do their jobs effectively and efficiently
  7. Measure what you do — have a way of tracking your processes and improvements
  8. Embrace continuous improvement — recognize that innovation happens in the cleaning industry as well — new technologies are changing the face of cleaning

Thanks again to Steve, Tersano and the great folks at Carolina’s CMAA.

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