Sustainability & LEED! Two important reasons why it matters…

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…that you may not be thinking about.sustainability and LEED

The phrase “it’s the right thing to do”, is often code for “don’t want to do it, but we should, because people like it – it’s the right thing”. If that’s your synopsis of the reasons for “sustainability” initiatives as a property manager, it’s time to think again. Here are two powerful motivations, explained by Roger Platt of USGBCthe issuers of LEED certification.

1. Investors require it.

When real money gets invested in a concept, there’s a good chance the concept is real too. So when real estate investors start requiring “green” buildings that brings real credibility to the importance of “being green”. In this article, Roger Platt gives some background to this critical reason for staying focused on the sustainability initiatives you are undertaking with your properties: investors are requiring it!  Here’s the post >>>

2. Lenders value it.

So buyers/investors want green and sustainable properties, but it doesn’t stop with them. Those who lend money are also seeking “green” properties, because they too know that the market value of “green” buildings is strong. If buyers want them, they’ll have a better chance of selling or retaining value… so lenders value green buildings too. Here’s the other side of the “investors require it” coin. Read the article here >>>>>

eWater Advantage plays a vital roll in the drive for property sustainability in practical ways that make financial sense. The system can significantly reduce costs while providing a safer environment for your workers and customers, and it contributes towards LEED points. Ozone ewater is a rare example of when the right thing to do is also the economically smart thing to do.


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