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Nightmare bacteria? The end of Antibiotics?

Posted on: November 29th, 2013 by mark bauer

“Nightmare bacteria.” “The end of antibiotics.” You’ve seen these headlines – and they are legitimately alarming. The point is that the antibiotics we have relied on for decades are now increasingly unable to fight off invading threats in our bodies.  So, if we can’tewater kills nightmare bacteria kill the bugs within human hosts, that means the requirement for thorough infection prevention is getting even more urgent. Stopping the *spread* of those bacteria – what are known as nosocomial infections – is doubly critical. And with what? Stronger chemicals with longer contact times? We think we have a better way with engineered water solutions. Certain engineered technology can create disinfectants strong enough to kill these dangerous pathogens. The future belongs to engineered water – safety without relying on chemicals that create their own health hazards.  Read the “nightmare bacteria” interview with a CDC associate director…