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Kudos to The Angus Barn

Posted on: February 1st, 2016 by mark bauer No Comments

angus barn


eWater Advantage would like to recognize The Angus Barn, of Raleigh, NC, for their leadership in sustainability.  The Angus Barn, which demonstrates a strong commitment to sustainability in other ways, saw an important opportunity to further enhance the experience they offer by utilizing engineered water.

Knowing the importance of a healthy environment for employees and guests, The Angus Barn has been using engineered water for two years to assist in maintaining a clean and healthy dining environment.  The iconic restaurant adopted eWater technology in order to minimize the use of chemical cleaners, having become aware of the health risks posed by conventional chemicals in general. The potential of skin or throat irritations for employees can be eliminated or greatly reduced by using ewater products.

Likewise, the impact on the environment is important to The Angus Barn. Using eWater technologies that produce these safe cleaning products on-site, means the elimination of packaging waste and empty containers constantly going into landfills.  Add to that eliminating the transport requirements of an  annual supply of packaged chemicals, and the move to on-site generation provides a big impact as a carbon off-set.

The Angus Barn (founded in 1960) is a North Carolina institution known for its steaks, local support and strong commitment to the environment.  Devoted to recycling, composting and energy conservation, this 700-seat, high-end restaurant added the use engineered water for its environmental and personnel value.

The Cowfish and Aqueous ozone!

Posted on: January 22nd, 2016 by mark bauer No Comments

The Cowfish in Charlotte, NC, is a great place to enjoy great food, and a new trial is underway with The eWater System.

We’ve installed The eWater System, featuring an aqueous ozone generator, to provide them with a chemical-free way to clean. We’re looking forward to working with the Charlotte location, just as we’ve enjoy working with their Raleigh location for a couple of years.

And we ALWAYS look forward to enjoying their food! Never had the pleasure of dining at The Cowfish, you say? Time to remedy that!

aqueous ozone for cowfish charlotte






Go – you’ll love it!

Healthier Restaurants

Posted on: April 22nd, 2012 by eWAteam

Want healthier restaurants? Read the back of any cleaning or sanitizing product — the directions for use always require a thorough rinsing of any “food contact” surface on which any type of chemical-based cleaning product is used. Why? Because whatever the chemical additive is it is hazardous and must be removed to prevent it from coming into contact with food. If the concern is that the chemical additive might compromise the food you’re about to serve, would you even want it on your skin or lingering in the air you breathe? Of course not! Neither do your employees — and neither do your customers.  Read about it in Food Safety Magazine.

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