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Greener Cleaning is just a tap away.

Posted on: October 7th, 2015 by mark bauer No Comments

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Take it from Stephen Ashkin – who is known as the Father of Green Cleaning – that engineered water technology has a vital and practical role to play in green and sustainable cleaning.  In a recent article in Facility Executive online, Ashkin writes,

Professionals in the cleaning industry are taking a closer look at what was initially referred to as “chemical-free” cleaning, but is now known as “engineered water.” Engineered water can be defined as the use of regular tap water that has been activated, ozonated, electrolyzed, heated, released under pressure, or treated in some way without the use of chemicals that turns it into an effective cleaning solution.

and later he adds,

The driving force behind engineered water cleaning is that it is an environmentally preferable form of cleaning. Another benefit that facility managers can appreciate is the potential to reduce costs. Admittedly most of the cost of cleaning is labor, but depending on the size of the facility, chemicals certainly can become a cost factor.

From our perspective at eWater Advantage, engineered water technology is a perfect example of when the right thing to do aligns with the economically smart thing to do. But you don’t have to take our word for it — now you can be advised by the “father of green cleaning”.  See the entire article here

Check out Mr. Ashkin here.