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MRSA threats. The news is not good.

Posted on: January 15th, 2014 by mark bauer No Comments

MRSA threats.

Hundreds of thousands of MRSA cases – MRSA threats – each year are not included in government incidence estimates, because the U.S. MRSA threatsCenters for Disease Control and Prevention can track only the sliver of cases that escalate to life-threatening infections. In 2011, the CDC reported 80,500 such cases, but that figure represents less than 20 percent of the hospitalizations that year in which billing data show a MRSA diagnosis. Countless more cases, typically less-serious skin infections, were treated outside hospitals.” — read the article here…


Hotels & Restaurants – ewater’s the answer to harsh chemicals

Posted on: May 14th, 2012 by eWAteam

ewater eliminates harsh chemicals that cause eye damageLet’s face it — we live in a time of frantic attention being paid to illness outbreaks and the use of hazardous, harsh chemicals. Hotels, cruise ships, restaurants, theme parks — on any given day search for news stories on such topics and you’ll find current examples. Not that paying attention to germs and viruses is bad — we all want to eat and sleep and play safely so we want our restaurants and hotels clean.  But our news media loves to relay the drama and the impact lands squarely on the shoulders of hotel and restaurant managers.

eWater Advantage™ provides electrolyzed water and aqueous ozone technologies than combat the causes of illness outbreak without the use of harsh chemicals.

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