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Comparing engineered water to chemicals.

Posted on: January 22nd, 2016 by mark bauer No Comments

Comparing engineered water.

When considering engineered water technologies, like aqueous ozone or electrolyzed water, it’s useful to consider and compare them from three vantage points: 1. compared to conventional chemicals, 2. to “green” chemicals and, 3. to each as other on-site systems.

1. Compared to conventional chemicals. Pretty easy to see the value here. If you could cost-effectively clean without chemicals that build up residue, present health risks for workers and leave their mark on the environment, why wouldn’t you?lotus pro comparing engineered water

  • ewater products contain no residue to leave behind and build up (and residue traps dirt)
  • ewater products pose little to no health risk unlike most chemical products
  • ewater products revert to water and/or trace minerals, rendering them harmless to the environment. The same cannot be said for conventional chemical products.
  • ewater products are made on-site, eliminating the issues created by packaged products — that carbon impact of over-the-road shipping, the impact on landfills with the disposal of empty chemical containers, spray bottles and packaging, etc.

So, ewater technologies win against conventional chemicals. They can’t replace all cleaning products but they will likely replace your primary all-purpose & glass cleaners, and detergents.

2. Compared to “green” chemicals. While there are many excellent “green”cleaning products that provide advantages over conventional chemicals, here are the particular benefits of an ewater product vs. green chemistry.

  • green chemicals still have ingredients that can leave a residue behind – not optimal since residue traps dirt
  • realize that many green chemicals still have health risks – though they may be considerably safer than typical chemicals, that doesn’t necessarily mean they are safe.┬áRead the labels carefully.
  • green chemicals are still packaged, shipped and disposed of like conventional chemicals

So, ewater technologies provide considerable  benefits over packaged green chemistry products.

3. Comparing engineered water technologies to each other. We’ll write more on this, but comparing the different technologies is interesting since no single technology does everything nor do they provide the same benefits — so it’s a matter of finding what’s right for you. In a nutshell:

  • aqueous ozone technology – example, Tersano — simplest of all; requires only cold tap water and electricity; product is made on-demand; very good all-purpose cleaner and sanitizer in one single product; great in cleaning equipment like carpet extractors, auto-scrubbers, etc.
  • electrolyzed water technology – example, Hoshizaki — device produces equal amounts of a cleaner and a sanitizer; the sanitizer is a chlorine species so applicable in foodservice settings; the cleaner can replace carpet detergents, warewasher detergents, light-duty degreasers and general cleaning product; more expensive and more involved than aqueous ozone technology, but additional applications