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ABCnews 20/20 ‘Restaurant Confidential’ exposes food safety problems

Posted on: November 18th, 2012 by eWAteam
Food safety:  On November 16, the ABCnews program, 20/20, aired a segment on the truth about restaurants – those places we go for a satisfying meal – and where we like to think that standards of cleanliness and germ control are being dutifully applied. Think again! This story is a perfect backdrop to the safe, effective and desperately needed solutions provided by eWater Advantage™ for restaurants and food safety in general.

In the program entitled, “Restaurant Confidential: 10 Dirty Secrets From the Kitchen“, ABCnews gave us disturbing insights like this:

Ever wonder if the wait staff and cooks really abide by those “must wash hands” signs? According to Ginsberg, not necessarily.

“It’s a sad fact,” she said. “I think it happens fairly often that cooks, or other people work with food, go directly from the bathroom back to the kitchen without washing their hands.”

So what is the answer? Hire someone to stand in the bathrooms and ensure every employee thoroughly washes their hands before returning to work? Not likely, is it. eWater Advantage™ has the answer!  The right systems and the right processes to eliminate this nasty reality. Contact us to learn more.

Need to know more about germs and restaurants and food safety? Check out some additional helpful – and eye-opening – info from ABC.

Healthier Restaurants

Posted on: April 22nd, 2012 by eWAteam

Want healthier restaurants? Read the back of any cleaning or sanitizing product — the directions for use always require a thorough rinsing of any “food contact” surface on which any type of chemical-based cleaning product is used. Why? Because whatever the chemical additive is it is hazardous and must be removed to prevent it from coming into contact with food. If the concern is that the chemical additive might compromise the food you’re about to serve, would you even want it on your skin or lingering in the air you breathe? Of course not! Neither do your employees — and neither do your customers.  Read about it in Food Safety Magazine.

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