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just tapwater

Posted on: April 22nd, 2012 by eWAteam

Just tapwater — that’s what engineered water needs. Ewater products are a safe and effective alternative to toxic chemical cleaners & disinfectants. ewater cleans and sanitizes with the proven efficacy — safe for people, property and planet  …

eWater Advantage™  technology combines just tap water, common salt and electricity in a process known as electrolysis. When a low level of electricity is applied to the dilute saltwater solution the result is two highly functional yet completely safe products – an alkaline water for cleaning and an acidic sanitizing for water.

No more chemicals – no more hazards from just tapwater

ewater delivers the needed cleaning and sanitizing power without the use of hazardous chemicals, providing a  revolutionary alternative to harsh chemicals for any business interested in safe and effective cleaning. And the uses of ewater are extensive – from farming to healthcare to food service, even food preparation.

How ewater works

just tapwaterAlkaline Water: Nature’s Cleaning Agent

With a pH of about 11.3 the alkaline product is a natural, safe cleaning agent and an excellent degreaser. The alkaline stream breaks down stubborn oils, proteins, and harmful biofilms on all kinds of surfaces – even human skin – without needing the harsh additives of hazardous chemicals.

Acidic Water: The Natural Answer to Germ Control

The second stream is  sanitizing water (a weak acidic solution) with a pH of about 2.7. Also called hypochlorous (HOCl), this solution has powerful germ-control properties. Hypochlorous has been proven in multiple trials and practical applications to reduce pathogens, bacteria and viruses, killing most on contact. Though tough on pathogens it is safe and mild for use even on skin. Your own body actually produces hypochlorous as part of your natural germ defense!

Sanitizing eWater Means Great Peace of Mind

The electrolysis technology behind eWater Advantage’s systems creates a sanitizing solution with a high ORP – oxidation / reduction potential. Simply put, high ORP means fewer pathogens. Pathogens thrive in environments with ORPs of less than 650 millivolts. Since these systems produce sanitizing water with an ORP of around 1200 millivolts, it kills them within seconds.

Two Streams of Water from just tapwater. One Simple Answer for Healthy, Effective Cleaning and Sanitizing.

Hoshizaki ROX water electrolyzer

Posted on: April 22nd, 2012 by eWAteam

Electrolyzed water systems, that produce alkaline and acidic products, are being used in industries around the world. Healthcare, hospitality, agriculture, foodservice and more. Electrolyzed water produced by the Hoshizaki technology is a mature technology will sales/installations in excess of 50,000 units worldwide.

hoshizaki rox water electrolyzer for foodservice

Learn about Hoshizaki ROX water electrolyzer applications for foodservice