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Green sports – it’s not what you think

Posted on: September 28th, 2015 by mark bauer No Comments


green sports advantage ewaterOr maybe it is… you’ve probably discerned that we’re talking about the movement towards “green” & sustainability in the sporting world. A terrific example of that momentum can be found at the Green Sports Alliance. From golf to hockey to football – from professional to college to community – there is a strong movement to clean up the impact of sports on our world, and leave a cleaner, healthier, greener place.

Better for athletes, fans and the communities that house them, facilities that switch from pollution-generating solutions to neutral-impact solutions, like engineered water for cleaning, are making their mark. The Green Sports Alliance claims more than 300 sports teams and venues from 20 different sports leagues and 14 countries. And yes, we’re talking about NFL, MLB, NHL and other mainstream sports organizations.

So what does it all mean? From cleaning to water use to electricity and beyond, these are organizations that have individually chosen to find a better, more sustainable way of doing business. From our end we can point to great examples like McConnell Golf who are committed to sustainability and are proving it in their actions. They model the effort represented in this great infographic about the “greening of golf”.

Of course the products and services from eWater Advantage are applicable to any sports environment wanting to  do away with harsh and unnecessary chemicals. When a professional athlete finds a better way to perform a task what do they do? They do it, of course! It’s the same mentality for even mundane rituals like cleaning — when you find a better  (safer, healthier, more effective) way of performing a task, you just do it!  When it comes to green sports, advantage, eWater!