electrolyzed water

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hypochlorous acid ewater

The Sanitizer.

The first product from an electrolyzed water generator is a sanitizer with a pH of anywhere from 7.5 to below 5. Known as HYPOCHLOROUS ACID it is the acidic counter-part to Sodium Hypochlorite (bleach). The solution has powerful germ-killing properties and has been proven in multiple studies and practical applications to reduce pathogens.  Though tough on microorganisms it is produced at a level that keeps it safe for users as it is non-irritating to skin and emits no harmful VOCs.

Due to the presence of sodium chloride (from the added salt)  in the water after the electrolytic process a slight film can appear on certain surfaces, making this product best suited to more industrial applications. The product should also be wiped from metal finishes to avoid any potential for corrosion.