Science Advisory Board

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Dr. Richard Robison PhD

Professor of Microbiology, Brigham Young University
Role: Antimicrobial Testing & Validation

Dr. Richard Robison, Ph.D. is a Professor of Microbiology at Brigham Young University. He operates a Level 3 Biosafety Lab at BYU, funded by various government agencies including the EPA and Homeland Security. His work focuses on bacterial agents that cause disease and therefore he has an active interest in the areas of decontamination, disinfection, and infection control. Dr. Robison has been participating in disinfecting and sanitizing work involving electrolyzed water for several years and is an advocate of the technology. His contributions to eWater Advantage include testing, consultation & training.

brenda stahl

Dr. Brenda Stahl

National Food Safety Director – EMSL Analytical
Role: Food Service Safety Protocols & Testing Validation

Dr. Stahl is a microbiology consultant to the Food and Beverage Industry and serves on several FDA and USDA outreach committees. Her areas of expertise include environmental monitoring, HACCP, sanitation program guidance, sanitizer use and efficacy, allergen control as well as product development and formulation. As the National Director of Food Safety for EMSL Analytical, Dr. Stahl develops and oversees specialized projects for EMSL clients, leveraging her depth of knowledge on Food Safety and Food Science topics.   Her expertise helps to ensure eWater Advantage programs for food service applications are accurate and thorough. Dr. Stahl earned both her Master’s and Doctorate in Food Science and Microbiology at Iowa State University.

steve steff1

Dr. Steve Steff

Doctorate in Leadership & Ethics
Role: Change Management

The value Dr. Steff brings to eWater Advantage is dealing with the behavioral issues of learning to accept and embrace new ways of doing familiar tasks. As there is an element of uncertainty when first learning of electrolyzed water – How can “water” kill germs? – it is important we understand the psychology of gaining user acceptance. Once an employee understands the urgency of why the switch to ewater matters, they will be more eager to prove to themselves that the products work, which will create enthusiastic adoption. Dr. Steff has earned a doctorate in Workplace Leadership and Ethics as well as a Masters in Counseling.