stabilized aqueous ozone

Posted on: October 19th, 2013 by mark bauer No Comments

The importance of stabilizing aqueous ozone for effective use in a busy workplace.

While the value of “aqueous ozone” is clear, one weakness that needs to be addressed is that it remains effective for only a short period of time. This is why it is used predominatly in applications where water is flowing – such as from a faucet to wash produce. Stablized aqueous ozone is produced by first treating the water, much like a softener does, to make it more receptive to the ozone and keep it in useful form longer. The special stabilized form of aqueous ozone can last for a day as a sanitizer and upward of a week as a cleaner.

The reason ozone in water is effective is due to its high oxidizing potential, which is more powerful that hydrogen peroxide, and far more powerful than compounds like chlorites, hypochlorites or iodine. It is an effective and relied upon sanitizer and deodorizer because it “oxidizes” bacteria, germs, etc., including odors cause by bacteria and other organics. Extending the useful life of the product in spray bottles, mop buckets and powered equipment is a huge advantage.

A highly effective cleaning-deodorizing-sanitizing product, stabilized aqueous ozone is ideally suited to broad custodial applications. Learn more about The eWater System featuring stabilized aqueous ozone.