The slot cars of your youth have grown up!

Posted on: December 9th, 2015 by mark bauer No Comments

slot car

Did you (or your brother) have a slot car track?

Remember trying to hold the car on the track in the corners? Then you’d just give up, take off the guard rails, and see how far you could spin the car off the track! Well… the slot car has grown up and it’s all in the name of SUSTAINABILITY.  When you watch this video do you picture a giant 9-year old boy behind the camera squeezing the over-sized controller? Check out this video of an electric Formula-class race car doing donuts! If you think the tiny F-1 engines sound like sewing machines, wait until you hear this!

It’s pretty clear that the drive to sustainability has reached into most sectors of life. Green sports initiatives are huge, but perhaps nothing is more impressive than the perfection of electric motors powerful enough to propel race cars. Will we see solar panels on the rear wings some day?

At eWater we salute efforts like these to save the planet – save the air, the water, the land — and protect custodial workers. Maybe we’ll see about getting our eWater solutions into the shops to keep these fabulous cars clean without chemicals! Learn more about what we’re doing for property managers.   And check out what we’re doing for golf clubs.

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