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Schools have become the cornerstone of the sustainability movement in North America. Groups like AASHE and Second Nature are leading the charge to ensure that school campuses – primarily higher ed – are doing all they can to teach & deliver responsible management of natural resources. From divesting investments in fossil fuel production, to installing solar panels, to managing how trash is disposed of, schools face myriad ways to make an impact.

With much tighter operating budgets even public school systems are getting into the act, both in the classroom and in practical ways where the safety and well-being of students remains a top priority. By removing harsh and potentially hazardous chemicals schools can make a direct and lasting impact on building – and therefore student & staff – health.

SAO ewater solutions deliver the needed value — effective cleaning and safer buildings. SAO ewater is so safe that even students and teachers can be given the product when cleaning up! Try that with your conventional packaged chemicals.  As one school housekeeping director said:

“If you’d have told me ten years ago that we’d stop using cleaning chemicals and be using “water” to clean – I’d have laughed at you. It makes no sense to people  that this kind of chemical-free water could be an effective cleaner.  All I can tell you is –  it works, we love it  –  and we’re not going back to chemicals.” — Jodi Krause, University of Wisconsin-Madison

eWater solutions work — if you’ve not tried it yet, you’re missing out.

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