electrolyzed water videos

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1. eWater Advantage System Overview (simple system shown) – 2′


 2. How electrolyzed water is made – 1’30”


 3. How the ewater cleaner cuts grease – 2′


 4. Evidence of how the ewater sanitizer kills microorganisms – 4′

The vase on the right is normal tap water – the vase on the left is tap water to which ewater sanitizer has been added. Watch how the sanitizer keeps the water in the left vase clear of microorganisms, which extends the life of the cut flowers in this time-lapse video over 10 days .


  5. Electrolyzed water in commercial dishwashers – 1’30”


6. Electrolyzed water at work in foodservice in under two minutes

This is a short montage of our customer training videos.