Welcoming Park and Market Apartments

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eWater is pleased to welcome Park and Market Apartments of Raleigh, NC, to the world of cleaning with aqueous Park and Market cleans with ewater!ozone ewater!  Ashley Hawkins, Community Manager of the complex, providing the following comments on working with the ewater.

What caused you to want to start working with aqueous ozone solutions from eWater Advantage?

“The main reason was to find cost savings in our cleaning expense. But also, out of curiosity that the product would actually work.”

What was your first reaction to the idea that your own tap water could be turned into a cleaner without chemicals?

“I would certainly say that we were skeptical. We had no idea how it could work, and even after watching the videos, were still a little unsure. But after testing    the product, our opinions   became very positive.”

What have you found to be the most surprising capability or benefit of the ewater?

“Aside from the cost savings, I’d say not having to worry about how the chemicals will affect our team and residents is fantastic.”

When did you first realize that ewater really works?

“I’d say the first time we used it to clean our guest suite. We got to see it work on so many different surfaces and in different areas.”

What are the various ways you’ve been using ewater?

“Hallway carpets, bathrooms, gym equipment, counters, desks and all other areas of our leasing office and common areas.”

What has been the reaction from your staff in no longer having to use potentially harmful chemicals?

 “It’s certainly been a positive reaction … they love how much better it is on their hands and skin.”

Has the eWater Advantage team been responsive to your needs?

“The team has been wonderful! I love that they consistently check in and like to speak with our housekeepers since they are the ones using the product the most.”

If you could say something to another business considering using aqueous ozone water what would you tell them?

“Your skepticism is understandable, but you’ll quickly change your mind!”

Thanks, Ashley! We look forward to working with you!


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