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Posted on: April 22nd, 2012 by eWAteam

Do you want to provide a safer, healthier workplace for employees and customers? Are you interested in sustainability or “going green”?  Do you want to save money? eWater Advantage™ has the solutions.

Since World War II we have become a chemically dominated society dependent upon chemicals for cleaning and disinfecting. Pesticides (disinfectants) now number some 20,000.  As the marketing machinery has ratcheted up the call for being “cleaner”, the strength of those products have increased to match our appetite for more germ-killing and being “healthier”. The result has been an explosion of cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting products for home and commercial use – and billions of gallons of chemicals flushed down our drains, fumes released into the air we breathe, and residues left on the surfaces we touch. why ewater

What began as a noble effort to be healthier through cleaning with chemicals, has resulted in chemicals that are compromising our health. In reality, the process for cleaning and killing germs has become a balancing act – balancing the removal of harmful germs for the sake of healthy environments, against the harmful impact of the chemicals on our employees, patients, customers, children, facilities and the environment.

Our ewater systems offer a comparable level of cleaning and sanitizing all without harmful chemicals. Learn about where it is being used – and get to know why eWater.

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